In the planning phase our main purpose is to attract the attention of our client’s target group and customers. The good branding is unique and representative of the product or service – you know right away what it is, by simply looking at it.
Setting up a business often involves much more than designing a brand and developing a webpage. We offer our help to both individuals and companies to locate and reach their target customers with their products or services.
Creating and sharing valuable content to websites, blogs, direct mails and social channels.
We prefer not to have overweight, bald italian guys with moustaches in the logo of a pizzeria
Did you come up with your webpage address? Is the domain available? We quickly reserve it for you with the relevant hosting and e-mail addresses.
Online sales and payments, inventory monitoring, automatic ordering and shipment - the whole internet world is there for you sell.
We use the email marketing to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients.
We prepare business cards, brochures, leaflets, catalogues and signboards. We monitor and coordinate for you everything from planning to typographical steps.
We design, develop, launch and maintain facebook pages of individuals and companies.
To function properly, completed webpages need to be based on a consistently available server with permanent internet access, a host (using internet terminology). We gladly help you setting this up too.
We support you to plan and launch all kinds of campaigns.
Online payment service, that extends the variety of electronic payments in your web shop. We partner with BIG FISH Payment Gateway.
We are in close contact with the motion picture team 2bvizuál – this group has a lot of experience in product-, event-, wedding- and style photography.


We prepare the content of our projects in a way that ensures maximized hits with the best possible position in targeted searches.
UX design refers to user experience design, while UI design stands for user interface design.
the 2bvizuál motion team filmed numerous advertisements, music and mood videos since 2012. Check out a sample of their projects on their youtube channel through the link at the bottom of the page.
We perform the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to the website.
During planning the client’s preferences are taking absolute priority. It is the client, who determines whether their webpage is going to be light shade or darker, the style scandinavian minimal or classical and so on.
This is the core of our business - and all our customers know what to expect from us.
Purchasing online becomes bigger day by day. We have years of experience that enables us to establish all kinds of web shops, according to your needs.